Tree removal work: Thursday 21 and Friday 22 November

Work to remove around 15 pest trees in the areas surrounding the Sherwood School Pool will take place on Thursday 21 and Friday 22 November.

This work will not affect our use of the pool itself BUT it does affect access to the pool through the car park and the FONA nature area.

On Thursday and Friday, we expect the car park will be closed to all vehicles. It will be used for pedestrian access only.

Access to the pool, whether through the FONA nature area or the car park area, will be regulated by the tree contractors for safety reasons. Depending on where work is being carried out, swimmers may have to access the pool from the car park gate rather than our normal McCulla Street entrance.

For safety reasons, please comply with all instructions from the tree contractors regarding access to the pool area while they complete this important work. We understand works should be complete by 3pm Friday.