Sherwood Sharks … we need you

Sherwood Sharks …We Need You!

It’s hard to believe but planning has begun for the new Sharks Season and we are looking forward to a fantastic swimming season ahead. As many of you know our Club is run by a group of volunteer parents who work to coordinate the lessons, squads and Club nights that are enjoyed by so many Sherwood students. This season we are in need of a new Treasurer to join the Committee. If you think you may be interested in supporting us in this role please contact us via email at

Dates to Remember:

Sign On will be held on Tuesday 8th September. Further details to come.

Our first Working Bee will be on Sunday 13th September from 9am-11am

Term 4 swimming will commence from Tuesday 6th October to Monday 7th December.

Our first Club Night for the season will be on Friday 9th October.