Junior Excellence Awards 2011/2012

Congratulations to the following Swimming Queensland Affiliated members who have been awarded Junior Excellence Awards for season 2011/2012. The Junior Excellence program is run by Swimming Australia. Each swimmer is awarded a standard from their times recorded at Swimming Queensland meets. Theses times are measured against a set of Time Standards set by Swimming Australia.

Well done!

First Name Last Name Standard Age
Charlie Bell Gold 9
Natasha Donovan Gold 11
Torwen Eerkens Gold Star 9
Yinte Eerkens Gold Star 10
Sarah Falloon Bronze 11
Chloe Finucan Bronze 11
Harold Finucan Silver 13
Charlotte Forno Gold Star 10
Julia Hegarty Gold 11
Pheobe Hermans Silver 11
William O’Meara Gold 9
Harrison Raymond Gold 10
Jim Siganto Silver 9
Nicholas Siganto Bronze 11
Milja Spasojevic Silver 10
Adam Thompson Gold 11
Jack Thompson Gold 13