Club Presentation Night Awards

Thanks to the many families who came along to our break up party and presentation night last Friday. Everyone had a great time! We are pleased to announce the following awards were presented:

Boys 6yrs & under
1st Sam Parker & Juert Eerkens (jointly)
2nd Ben Peapell
3rd Oliver Raymond

Girls 6yrs & under
1st Mia Hughes

Boys 7yrs
1st George Barnes
2nd Sam Bell
3rd William Sharkey

Girls 7yrs
1st Amelie Thomas
2nd Evie Pritchard

Boys 8yrs
1st Max Peapell
2nd Tate Burton
3rd Sam Peapell & Tom Scott (jointly)

Girls 8yrs
1st Mognild Eerkens
2nd Sally King
3rd Millie McFarland & Mia Raymond (jointly)

Boys 9yrs
1st Will O’Meara
2nd Fred Forno
3rd Jack Scott

Girls 9yrs
1st Kate Ward
2nd Lauren Ward & Meg Crusafulli (jointly)
3rd Rose Ringelstein

Boys 10yrs
1st Harrison Raymond
2nd Jim Siganto
3rd Stanley McFarlane

Girls 10yrs
1st Lottie Forno
2nd Claire Pritchard
3rd Phoebe Barnes

Boys 11yrs
1st Adam Thompson
2nd Nathan Moss
3rd Hamish Johnson

Girls 11yrs
1st Yinte Eerkens
2nd Julia Hegarty
3rd Natasha Donovan

Boys 12yrs
1st Nick Siganto
2nd Max Pritchard

Girls 12yrs
1st Phoebe Hermans
2nd Sarah Falloon
3rd Chloe Finucan

Boys 13yrs
1st Jack Thompson

Most Improved Medley Swimmers
Girls Yinte Eerkens
Boys Harrison Raymond

Coach’s Encouragement Awards
Mini Squad Girls Amelie Thomas
Mini Squad Boys Sam Parker
Intermediate Squad Girls Phoebe Barnes
Intermediate Squad Boys Jack Scott
Senior Squad Girls Milja Spasojevic
Senior Squad Boys Jim Siganto

Overall Points Champions
Girls Yinte Eerkens
Boys Jim Siganto

Congratulations to all of the above swimmers for achieving their best. Our other Club swimmers were also presented with medals in recognition of their efforts and participation during this season. We look forward to seeing many familiar faces return next season!!