Club Night and Skill Session – 12th February

Tonights club night will be the last night for swimmers to post times before the team is selected for the Oxley Road Cup. To help with the selection process it is advised that all swimmers should race at the distance that their respective age group races at during the Oxley Road Cup. These distances are as follows:

  • 9 Years Old and Under: 25m (All strokes)
  • 10 Years Old: 50m (All Strokes)
  • 11 Years Old and Over: 50m (All Strokes), 100m (Freestyle)

The age group in which a swimmer will swim is dictated by their age on the specific date of the Oxley Road Cup, so please take that into account when nominating for your events tonight. For Example: A swimmer who is currently 9 but has a birthday between now and 6th March should nominate to swim 50m events as they can only be selected as a 10 year old for the Oxley Road Cup.

The skill session this afternoon will focus on the Underwater Technique for all strokes. This includes the proper technique for starts, finishes and turns.

Finally, there are still many outstanding Friday Night Club Fees. If you have not paid your club night fees please do so ASAP. Alex will be at the pool tonight with the receipt book if you wish to pay in Cash tonight.

Hope to see you all there!