Club News

It was fabulous to see so many new swimmers join us last night for our first Club Night for 2015! The kids had a great time, it looked like everyone enjoyed Asta’s and the BBQ team’s delicious meals and we farewelled from the Club our starter and website coordinator for the past few years, Andrew Barton. Thanks for all your work and support, Andrew.

We did not have a free swim due to the fact we finished a little later than usual, but generally, time permitting we do have a free swim at the end of the night (with an aim to finish at 7.30pm).

Thanks to all the parents and families who volunteered to help out with timekeeping, starting, the BBQ and the Canteen. We can’t run Friday nights without your help. Those who didn’t volunteer last night please come forward next week so that the work is shared around fairly.

Upcoming Events

Oxley Cup (8 March)

Club Championships (22 March)

Break up and presentation night (27 March)

Club Night Results

In past years we have used an app, Meet Mobile, to publish our upcoming races for club night and allow paper free access to race results and times. This is a fantastic way of getting this information out easily and efficiently to our swimmers and their families.

This year we are still using Meet Mobile, but unfortunately discovered on Friday night that the app developer is now charging users for access. The charge is $7.49 for a year or $2.49 per month. Unfortunately this charge is something we have no control over.

We will continue to publish our results to meet mobile but our registrars will also now arrange for the Club Night results to be printed and made available at the pool in the week following each Club Night, for those who do not use Meet Mobile.