AGM tonight

A reminder that we have our Swim Club AGM tonight:

7.00pm at the Sherwood State School Staff room

As mentioned in our last post – we have several positions vacant, including Vice President, Registrars  and General Committee members.

Don’t be shy, come along and have a say in how the club operates – it’s all brought together by parents and volunteers! You don’t need to know much about swimming, and we value all kinds of assistance offered – big and small. We generally meet about once a month during the swim season (Term 4 and Term 1 of each year).

Vice President : helps with decision making and stands in for the President, when needed.

Registrars : helps co-ordinate Friday night Club nights and programs for swimming carnivals in which the Club is involved. This season we have had 2 Registrars and would ideally like to see this increase so that we can call on 2-4 people for Registrar duties (meaning you need not attend every Club night or swimming carnival). Main involvement is at the beginning of Club nights, when swimmers register and the program is printed. Training and support offered for the next few months before one of our current Registrars leaves us. The Club owns its own computer and printer which is used for Registrar jobs. A great way to meet all the kids involved in the Club.

General Committee : help us make decisions about the swimming program offered, spending priorities, carnivals in which we will participate, etc.

We look forward to welcoming some fresh faces tonight!

Regards, the Sherwood Sharks Committee