2018/2019 Club Captains

On Friday the 19th of October we will be taking nominations for our new season Club Captains. Students in Year 5 will be eligible to nominate and must take the following criteria and duties into consideration.

2018 Criteria for Club Captains

  • Demonstrate high levels of leadership and personal behavior
  • Nominees must have been an active member of the Sharks for at leastone season (Term 4, 2017 and Term 1, 2018).
  • Assist in duties at the regular Club Meets (ie lane ropes, equipment, assisted swim)
  • Assist in leading and guiding club members in their conduct, sportsmanship, and swimming achievements
  • Assist in younger swimmer development through regular attendance at club meets and carnivals
  • Represent and lead the club at carnivals and other events when required
  • Assist in supporting fundraising events through encouraging and increasing participation by club members. 

There will be a Nominations list on the Whiteboard near the Canteen.

Nominees will then present a short 2-minute speech at Club Night on Friday the 26thof October to introduce themselves and explain why they would make a great Swim captain. Each Club member will then vote and the new Captains and Vice-Captains will be announced the following week.

There will be a boy and girl Captain and a boy and girl Vice Captain.