Squad Swimming

Squad swimming is for swimmers who have completed the Learn to Swim program. You will be swimming a greater distance for a longer time and focussing on perfecting your technique.

Swimmers are encouraged to come along to our Friday Club nights where they can try out racing and have fun with their friends.

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Level 5 – Junior Squad (45 min)

Junior Squad sessions are around establishing the independence, consistency and stamina required for higher squad levels, and embedding the technique for advanced strokes.

Coaching includes development of finer skills around swim technique as children build their fitness and race skills.

Focuses include refining skills like dives, turns, clock and lane rotation.

To move up:

  • Need to be able to swim 50m of each stroke with correct turns, starts and finishes
  • Sound dive technique
  • Consistently uses correct turn technique and demonstrates sound lane rotation
  • Ability to swim at least 1km in a session

Level 6 – Intermediate Squad (1hr)

In this squad swimmers continue perfecting the timing and technique of all four strokes plus the ability to swim greater distances and swim at a greater speed. Concepts like lane sharing and the time clock are introduced. Perfection of turns, dives and finishing techniques.

To move up:

  • Need to be able to swim 100m of each stroke with correct turns, starts and finishes.
  • Can swim multiple laps maintaining body position and technique.
  • Ability to swim at least 2km in a session

Level 7 – Senior Squad (1hr)

The Senior Squad program is for swimmers who have embedded sound technique, skill and stamina, who are interested in achieving performance goals (ie competition).

Training sessions are dependent on individual swimmer goals. Swimmers are expected to swim at least 2-3km per session while working on their endurance, speed, strength and technique.

Swimmers should attend a minimum of two quads per week.

Level 7 – Senior Squad Plus (1hr 15min)

These limited sessions offer an extended swimming time to build additional stamina and endurance. Any Senior Squad members can participate and opt-out at 1 hr if they prefer.

Essential Info

Please ensure swimmers have a cap, water bottle and correct fitting goggles (named) at every session.

We ask that all swimmers are on the pool deck, ready to swim 5 minutes prior to class commencement with all swim equipment ready. It is disruptive to the program if children arrive late.

Please read our Terms and Conditions for more information.

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