Learn To Swim

Beginner Learn To Swim (30mins – with teacher in the pool)

Beginner Learn to Swim is a fun introduction to swimming and water safety.


  • Learn to bubble, breath and kick
  • Floating front and back
  • Fall in and return to the side of the pool
  • Ideal age is 4 and up, for children who have not swum before

Learn to Swim (30mins – with teacher in the pool)

Learn to Swim is about gaining basic skills and growing confidence in the pool with assistance from a teacher.


  • Stroke introduction and fun
  • Kicking front and back
  • Stroke, bubble, breath using a board
  • Stroke, bubble, breath without a board (5m)

Essential Info

Please ensure swimmers have a cap, water bottle and correct fitting goggles (named) at every session.

We ask that all swimmers are on the pool deck, ready to swim 5 minutes prior to class commencement with all swim equipment ready. It is disruptive to the program if children arrive late.

Please read our Terms and Conditions for more information.

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