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Learn to Swim includes four levels: Baby Sharks, Bull Sharks, Tiger Sharks and Hammerhead Sharks. Learn to Swim is for complete beginners and swimmers who are still learning Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke.

Swimmers are encouraged to come along to our Friday Club nights where they can try out racing and have fun with their friends.

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Level 1 – Baby Sharks (30 min)

This introductory class is most suitable for pre-prep age.

Key Focus: 

  • Water confidence and water safety
  • Learning to float unassisted on the front and back

To move up to Bull Sharks the swimmer must be able to:

  • Float unassisted on their front and back in a starfish
  • Push off the wall and kick to the flags in streamline on the front and with arms by side on back
  • Put their face underwater without assistance/being asked
  • Roll from their front to back without standing
  • Fall in and return to the side of the pool

Level 2 – Reef Sharks (30 min)

This is a foundation class to develop water confidence/safety and basic swimming technique.

Key Focus:

  • Kicking and body position on front and back
  • Freestyle and Backstroke arm circles
  • Introducing freestyle breathing position
  • Introducing dolphin kick 

To move up to Tiger Sharks the swimmer must be able to:

  • Swim 12.5m of backstroke with their face out of the water looking up and without standing. Must be trying to have their feet kicking on the surface of the water and to have their stomach on the surface
  • Push off wall and complete 4 arm circles (long and straight)
  • Understand freestyle timing (2 arms, 1 breath) and be able to attempt 12.5m without standing.


Level 3 – Tiger Sharks (30 min)

A class for emerging young swimmers with a focus on building consistency of swim technique.

Key Focus: 

  • Freestyle – breathing position and long balanced stroke
  • Backstroke – body position and kick
  • Breaststroke – introduction to kick
  • Butterfly – practicing dolphin kick

To move up to Hammerhead Sharks the swimmer must be able to:

  • Swim 25m Backstroke with head up, stomach up and feet on surface
  • Swim 25m Freestyle with good timing, arms in front of body, catch up style
  • Have reasonable Breaststroke kick technique (or understanding of and is attempting good technique)

Level 4 – Hammerhead Sharks (40 min)

These sessions focus on transitioning children towards squad training. Children will build stamina in swimming the full length of the pool and embed sound swimming technique.

Key Focus:

  • Correct body positioning
  • Introduce full butterfly stroke
  • Introduce skills such as diving, turns, clock and lane rotation

To move up:

  • Understands how to use the clock and lane rotation
  • Breaststroke arms, legs and timing are correct
  • Can swim 25m of freestyle, maintaining correct technique throughout
  • Can swim 100m without stopping (this is about fitness and stamina rather than technique)
  • Have basic capacity to swim all four strokes

Distance swum: 25m +

Essential Info

Please ensure swimmers have a cap, water bottle and correct fitting goggles (named) at every session.

We ask that all swimmers are on the pool deck, ready to swim 5 minutes prior to class commencement with all swim equipment ready. It is disruptive to the program if children arrive late.

Please read our Terms and Conditions for more information.

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