Aqua Fit

A great cardio workout that will suit all fitness levels.


This is a fun and dynamic class, always using different equipment and challenging your body in different ways. Get fitter and stronger with benefits to your aerobic capacity, strength, muscle endurance, metabolism and power. 


Stretching and breaking down knotted muscles caused by stress and fatigue, this can also help release lactic acids and other toxins in your body and to help you recover faster. We will be using trigger release balls, rollers, sticks and straps.

*Please bring a Yoga Matt


Boxing is a great opportunity to destress whilst having a fantastic workout.

These are boxing orientated workouts that incorporate a variety of exercises using boxing combinations, strength, feet work, and abdominal exercises. These sessions give you a full body work out and help increase your cardiovascular endurance whilst also helping you gain boxing skill.



We will be using Fitness Balls to improve strength, balance, and cardio endurance, core activation is essential for all movements. A full body workout is guarantied! 

*Please bring a Yoga Matt

Essential Info

Check out our new range of fitness classes! Speak to us today to register your interest in Aqua Fit classes, Circuit classesTrigger & Stretch, Yoga classes, Powerball and Boxing.

 Class lengths are as follows:

All Fitness Classes: 1 hour
Aquafit: 45 minutes
Yoga: 1hour
Don’t forget to bring your own mat!